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Riyadh: A man from Rajanna Sircilla is in trance state in Dammam, and his relatives say they had not gotten notification from him in 20 years. They are currently urgently thumping on all entryways for offer assistance.

Mohammed Shamshuddin, 42, a local of Mustabad mandal in Rajanna Sircilla area, has been in unconsciousness since June 6 at a healing facility in Dammam, following a sudden and serious stroke, trailed by seeping in the cerebrum.

His family has been encouraging specialists to help them in his repatriation, as the patient must be flown back on a stretcher with a medical caretaker in organization.

The cost, around Rs 5 lakh, is past the methods for the family, who are presently asking for their neighborhood MLA and IT Minister KT Rama Rao for offer assistance.

All that Shamshuddin can do now is open and close his eyes. He is being tube-encouraged, and tears move down from his eyes at whatever point somebody visits him. His hopelessness mounts with each passing day.

Uninformed of a particulars, it was a tough undertaking for anyone to find the kinfolk of Shamshuddin, however in view of his Iqama (residency visa card), the contact subtle elements of his boss were discovered, who thus gave the points of interest of his family.

Companions of Shamshuddin at that point found his senior sibling Azharuddin, who additionally works in Saudi Arabia.

Azharuddin said he has been 'frantically attempting' to take his sibling back home, yet a few or the other obstacle has been coming up.

"I visit him consistently and cry in the wake of seeing him, I don't know how to take him back to home," he stated, holding back tears.

Azharuddin said he fills in as a driver on a pitiful compensation here and that Shamshuddin has been surviving just on odd occupations.

He said his family is poor and the cost of treatment for his sibling in India, when they return, would be a test to meet.

"We don't comprehend what the reasons are, however he didn't try to visit home notwithstanding when our folks passed away," Azharuddin stated, including that Shamshuddin was staying away from him here too.

Shamshuddin's visa has terminated and he has been living in the kingdom illicitly, which is likewise a prevention in his repatriation. Indian social laborer Naz is organizing with Saudi experts to get freedom for his arrival home