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TAGC organises friendly volleyball, throw ball tournament in Chicago

Chicago: Telugu Association of Greater Chicago (TAGC) on Sunday conducted the TAGC and Bobbili Madhava Reddy Memorial Volleyball and Throw ball tournament at the Pelican Harbor Indoor Aquatic Park, here.

The volleyball tournament was organised for men in three different categories – beginners, intermediate and advanced – and throw ball for Women. A total of 24 Volleyball teams with 280 players took part in the tournament. Each team played minimum 3 games in group level that includes quarter finals, semifinals and finals.

The tournament was sponsored by Indsoft Inc. & Hyderabad House, Schaumburg location. The main objective behind organising the event was to motivate and encourage TAGC members and Telugu community to stay fit and to offer refreshment from routine lives and making new friends.

The event was planned and executed with the help of TAGC BODs Praveen Vemulapalli, Sapthagiri Sangem, Avinash Lattupalli, Vijay Bheeram, Anji kandimalla, Ramu Billakanti, Mamatha Lankala, Pradeep Kandimalla, Jyothi Chinatalapani and volunteers Sashi, Ramana Kalva, Rohit Akula, Santhosh Konduri and others volunteers

TAGC President Ramachandra R Ade along with entire sports committee team and sponsor Mr Vinoz Chanumolu presented the trophies to the winners.


Throw Ball for Women: Westmont Furious six
Runner up: Rudra team
Advanced Volleyball for Men: Volleyball Audicts​
Runner up: Spartans
Intermediate Volleyball for Men: Desi Boys -1
Runner up: ​Chicago Bulls​
Beginners Volleyball for Men: ​X-Men-2​
Runner up: Desi Boys -2