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Goodbye to Google Tee users!

IntertownDesk: In September this year, Google will be making a major change in the 'Tee' app, which will allow you to easily transfer money from online bank account online. This app is already in the form of scratch cards already used only to send money to others. Now the convenience of recharges and packages is also available. In the next few weeks, this facility will be available for all time. This was announced by Dilie on 'Google for India' program. There will now be an easy-to-use, water bills and dthech recharge.

Google has also announced another key decision. Google's assistant support for the cheapest 4G feature of Geo has been announced. This Assistant who is only Indians, works in Hindi and English. This means Google can make phone calls, text messages and music playing. In the same event, Android Oreo (Go edition) unveiled the Google Go app.