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Indian author Ravinder Singh’s novel to be published in the UK

New Delhi: Popular writer Ravinder Singh’s bestselling novel “I Too Had A Love Story” will be published in the UK by Transworld Publishers, Penguin Random House India announced on Monday.

“My journey, as an author, began with this book in India. I am humbled to receive so much love from my readers in the sub-continent. Now, in tenth year of its inception, ‘I too had a love story’ is taking me to an international audience. That my love story would reach in the hands of lot more people than before is such an ecstatic feeling,” Singh said in a statement, released by Penguin.

The book is based on a tragic incident that occurred with the author Ravinder Singh, when he lost the love of his life days before they were to get engaged. The author is said to have written their story as a tribute to his love. This book has topped the bestseller charts for close to a decade now and is still regarded by many readers as a benchmark of true and everlasting love.