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Director Anil Ravipudi shares details of Raja The Great

Having mesmerised the Telugu audiences with movies like Pataas and Supreme, director Anil Ravipudi is now gearing up for another hit at the box office with Raja The Great. The film, which is hitting the theatres on October 18, projects Ravi Teja in the title role as a visually-impaired guy.

In this exclusive interview, Anil Ravipudi shares details of the movie.

The idea, development and inspiration

Many movies have already been released on the concept of blindness. But, most among them are art films, and no one has made an out-and-out commercial movie. So, I have decided to try something different for my third film, which includes commercial elements as well.
Though I felt a little nervous during the story development, my confidence levels on the film’s success have raised as the script evolved better and better with the inclusions of different aspects of narration. First, I developed the hero’s characterisation, then the story, and, later, locked the story with a point of how the lead character solves the core problem.
I took no one as inspiration to make this flick. I readied the script with a thought of making it different from the existing movies, in terms of the concept. But, many times, the visually-impaired people have left me astonished with their talents and impeccable confidence levels. I believe that these elements might have impacted me subconsciously while writing the script.

On risk factors

I never felt like taking any risk, when I thought of making a film based on blindness. Even the scenes in Raja The Great never look illogical. That’s why, we kept ‘Blind, but trained’ as the caption. In terms of budget too, we haven’t thought of it as a risky project. I have two back-to-back hits and producer Dil Raju too is in full swing with great success rate at the ticket windows. He knows the best about the BO market trends. In fact, it’s hard to believe that I didn’t even know the film’s exact budget. That’s how I worked under Dil Raju’s production. Raja The Great’s Hindi digital rights have been sold out for Rs 18 crore.

The character and Ravi Teja

I designed the character of the protagonist and the script by keeping Ravi Teja’s energy levels in mind. The faith he put in my story is unbelievable. For any actor, it’s not an easy task to depict all kinds of emotions, when they get little space for histrionics. Especially, in a character of a visually-impaired one, one needs to show every expression aptly and in a unique way. And, Ravi Teja excels greatly. It won’t be an exaggeration to state that he took the movie to the next level with his energetic acting and has given his best. I’m quite confident that the audience will relate to every moment of Ravi Teja and that’s how the characterisation is going to be!
Heroine Mehreen Pirzada’s character is a crucial one and her acting sparkles well, while Prakash Raj’s role remains as one of the highlights.

Dil Raju’s involvement

When I revealed about the basic point of Raja The Great, Dil Raju seemed exuberant. Though his passion for movies is unquestionable, he gives his opinion only when he looks into the final output and his suggestions were only to help the film’s success. As a producer, he felt very happy after watching the rich visuals of our movie.

Dialogues & other elements

The dialogues are too going to be very special. You have already heard a sample one, “Okkasari Vachchi Vinabadu”, in the trailer. In the same way, all dialogues hold the soul of the film with a perfect timing. Humour, emotions, action sequences and visuals wise, Raja The Great is going to be a solid commercial entertainer with a unique treatment.