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‘Agnyathavasi’ to have additional shows in Andhra and Telangana

Hyderabad: The much-anticipated motion picture 'Agnyathavasi' of on-screen character Pawan Kalyan, discharged on Wednesday, will have seven shows in silver screen theaters in Andhra Pradesh and five in Telangana. 

Two days after the Andhra Pradesh government conceded authorization to silver screen corridors to screen three extraordinary shows notwithstanding four general shows, the Telangana government on Tuesday enabled theaters to screen an uncommon show separated from the four normal shows. 

The devotees of Pawan Kalyan and silver screen fans in both the Telugu states are relied upon to appreciate Sankranthi occasions as both the states loose the standards for screening the film between January 10 and January 17. 

While theaters in Andhra Pradesh can screen extraordinary shows from 1 am to 10 am, notwithstanding consistent shows between 10 am to midnight, theaters in Telangana have been allowed to have one unique show from 8 am, notwithstanding the four normal shows. 

Coordinated by Trivikram, 'Agnyathavasi' is the most anticipated motion picture of Tollywood and the propel reserving for the tickets has officially gotten tremendous reaction.