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Pawan Kalyan's hero to be hit with 'gang'

The movie will be released worldwide on January 12th at Pawan Kalyan's movie Surya Dakshinam. Pawan Kalyan starrer 'Agnathavasi' is getting ready for release in Telugu. Both of them are big stars and the box office will have a racist competition. Close Comparisons for Bollywood Movie Akshay Kumar's next Hindi film 'Special 26' Even if the film is not a remake of 'Gang', this film is inspired by the concept of 'Gang'. In South style, the film is going to be different from 'Special 26'. Yuvvriarias in Telugu is produced by Uva Creations in Telugu. Hero Prabhas's friends are planning to release the film 'Gang' as a grandmother. Ramaykrishna is playing a key role in the crucial role of Ramaykrishna Ramaykrishna 'Gang'. Recently the Tamil Teaser was released. In this scenario, Ramya Krishna was looking forward to dance with Lungo and Surya.