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Hyderabad startup Commut gets chose for MAN Accelerator program

Hyderabad: Hyderabad-based startup Commut, which works every day office carry, has been chosen for the MAN Accelerator program. As a major aspect of the program, social business people from Europe, South Africa and India that arrangement with challenges in the vehicle and coordinations space will meet up for a half year. 

It will commence at the Global Social Business Summit in Paris in November and this will be trailed by sessions in Munich, Mumbai, Cape Town and San Francisco. Commut is of the 8 new businesses that have been chosen from around the world. 

"Commut has constantly focussed on making an economical transport framework which can affect lives as well as nature. Being a piece of a quickening agent program drove by Nobel Peace Prize Prof. Muhammad Yunus would clearly enable us to take in a great deal. We are anticipating meeting social new businesses from around the globe and taking significant bits of knowledge from them about having an effect", says Prasanth Garapati fellow benefactor, Commut. 

Established in November 2015 by six graduated class from IIIT-Hyderabad, Commut is a tech-empowered transport benefit for every day office workers in Hyderabad. It works minibusses at high recurrence and moderate costs between different significant goals inside the city. It as of now runs 70+ transports crosswise over 50+ courses in Hyderabad. Till Nov 2017, it has served 5,00,000+ rides with 30,000+ enrolled clients. 

As of date, Commut has raised two rounds of financing – the first from 50K endeavors and later from Shell Foundation. Commut which has finished 5,00,000 rides as of late is intending to scale its operations and catch the market of Hyderabad immovably before entering another city. As one of their effect activities, they have as of late teamed up with Green Mile and are running electric vehicles between the airplane terminal and rest of the city.