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Telangana government to give a boost to e-waste refurbishing

Hyderabad: The E-Waste Management Policy unveiled on Tuesday will focus on creating awareness about waste segregation, assist the unorganised sector transit into organised sector and also create a e-waste refurbishing and recycling ecosystem in the State. 

The State as per the E-Waste (Management) Rules 2016, will earmark industrial space or shed for e-waste dismantling and recycling in the existing and upcoming industrial parks, estates and clusters. There will be a mandatory registration process for workers involved in dismantling activities.

To overcome the challenges of setting up widely visible collection and disposal channels, Government of Telangana will partner with OEMs in the State by providing financial and regulatory assistance. 

Telangana will also explore the prospects of setting up a special purpose vehicle to set up e-Waste parks and a comprehensive material recycling complex. The Government would also provide performance-based financial incentives to the e-Waste processing units, subject to submission of audited records. 

Refurbishing While the focus so far has been recycling unused electrical and electronic equipment, the Telangana Government intends to boost sale and use of refurbished goods. For this, the government will come forward as the anchor client by promising a minimum of 20 per cent of the business to startups and SMEs in electrical and electronic equipment refurbishing. The Government will also consider procuring electronic hardware for government schools and colleges from eligible refurbishing enterprises. Refurbished goods will be given a higher preference over new equipment in public tendering processes concerning light duty applications. 

Incentives for recyclers A subsidy of Rs one crore will be given for a minimum capital investment of Rs 5 crore for the first five recyclers and refurbishers. For dismantlers and collection centres, Rs 30 lakh subsidy will be provided for a minimum capital investment of Rs one crore, for the first five collection centres. 

The Government will also offer 25 per cent subsidy on lease rental for each company for the first three years of operation. The maximum subsidy will be Rs five lakh. There will also be a reimbursement of municipal taxes for first three years of operation.