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Dhairya prevails: Infant weighing 550 grams at birth recovers miraculously
Thursday, 12 Oct 2017 11:58 am
Telangana Blog Magazzine

Telangana Blog Magazzine

Hyderabad: True to her name, in the end ‘Dhairya’ prevailed! A pre-term infant baby girl named Dhairya weighing just 550 grams has managed to recover with the help of neonatologists from KIMS Cuddles in the city.

The infant was born in the 26th week instead of the full term after conception which is 38 weeks and the underweight condition had put her life in danger. According to KIMS

“When we started treating the baby, we noticed the baby was responding well to the treatment. She was a fighter and that made us name her as Dhairya,” says Dr Swetha, neonatologist, KIMS Cuddles.

The Neonatology team kept the baby on a ventilator, as her lungs were premature. During the treatment, a type of heart disease, known as patent ductus arteriosus (commonly seen in extreme premature babies) was noticed, and doctors managed it medically.

“She suffered from hyperglycaemia or high blood glucose which also required insulin infusion for few days. Even feeding her was an uphill task and we used tubes to feed. However, when tubes did not work, we used spoons to feed Dhairya,” the doctors said.

Now, three months after birth with little hope of survival, Dhairya was discharged from KIMS Cuddles as a healthy baby weighing 1.749 kg. Dhairya’s parents are from Mumbai and working as IT employees, doctors said.

“Dhairya should not have any long term complications, even though we will closely follow her up for the next two years. It is nothing short of a miracle that she has come this far. She is a fighter and even her parents never gave up hope and always told us to give our best irrespective of the outcome,” Senior Neonatologist, Dr Swetha said.