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Warangal students selected for NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge

Hyderabad: A team of five students of the SR Engineering College, Warangal, have been selected for the prestigious 5th Annual NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge to be held in the US from April 12 to 14, 2018.

The team qualified for the final challenge for designing Moonbuggy, a rover which works on the surface of Moon ensuring safety of the passengers.

The team has submitted the design and report of the rover to the NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge.


The prototype made by the students.

The five-member team, led by faculty Manoj Chaudhary, comprises final year students P Paul Vineeth, ECE, Prakash Raineni, Mechanical, P Sravan Rao, ECE, Rondla Dilipreddy, Mechanical and Venishetty Sneha, Civil.

The team, along with students from other parts of the world will design and create rovers capable of traversing a challenging exoplanetary-like landscape.

Only four teams from India have been shortlisted to compete in the Challenge.

“We are looking forward to the challenge since it makes us think concepts in space explorations as a subject, which was something we had never considered before.


Venishetty Sneha, final year student of civil engineering

“We are confident that our rover will conquer the challenge,” the five member team said.

Congratulating the students, SR Engineering College Secretary, A Madhukar Reddy said it was a great opportunity to design, build, and test technologies that enable rovers to perform in a wide variety of environments.

“The Rover Challenge inspires participants to become the engineers to design NASA’s next-generation space systems,” he said.