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Uninterrupted power supply for farm sector in entire Telangana from April

Hyderabad: Telangana State Transmission Company (TSTransco) and power distribution companies are enhancing the capacity of their power supply network to ensure uninterrupted power supply to all sectors and also meet the future electricity needs of the State. Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao will inaugurate a 400 KV sub-station at Chivvemla in Suryapet district on Thursday, which will be part of this power supply network.

After successfully implementing the 24×7 power supply scheme for agriculture sector on a pilot basis in the erstwhile districts of Karimnagar, Medak and Nalgonda, the State government is gearing up to introduce the scheme in all districts in a phased manner by April next to meet the Rabi season needs. At present, the State government is supplying nine hours of power to agriculture sector besides uninterrupted power supply to residential, commercial and industrial consumers across the State.

Prior to the State formation, Telangana region had only six 400 KV sub-stations to supply around 5,240 MW. After Chief Minister Chandrashekhar Rao decided to implement the 24×7 power supply scheme for agriculture sector, the officials have identified the need to establish nine new 400 KV sub-stations to handle 13,000 MW power supply. The power distribution companies have decided to enhance the supply capacity through establishment of new sub-stations, transformers and electricity supply lines at a cost of Rs 12,610 crore.

Around five 400 KV sub-stations have been established at Suryapet, Narsapur, Asupakam, Dindi and Maheshwaram with 3,980 MW capacity. Another four 400 KV sub-stations are under construction at Jurulupadu, Nirmal, Kethireddypalli and Jangaon. The Chief Minister will inaugurate the 400 KV sub-station at Suryapet on Thursday. The discoms have already constructed 19 new 220 KV sub-stations and 35 new 132 KV sub-stations, increasing the number of sub-stations with EHT electric lines from 233 to 292.

TSTransco and TSGenco chairman and managing director D Prabhakar Rao who met the Chief Minister here on Wednesday, informed that an action plan was being implemented to meet the future electricity requirements of the State. “As per the Chief Minister’s instructions, quality material and equipment are being used for construction of the new sub-stations and electric lines for power supplying quality power to all sectors in the State,” he said.

The officials informed that the State has recorded the power demand of 9,600 MW during peak hours of the day and it is expected to increase by at least 50 per cent keeping the future needs including uninterrupted power supply to agriculture sector, lift irrigation schemes, Mission Bhagiratha and increasing industrial needs. Accordingly, the Chief Minister asked the officials to strengthen the capacity of the power supply network keeping in view of the future requirements.

Power supply network in Telangana prior to State formation:

Power supply capacity – 5,240 MW
Total sub-stations – 2,397
400 KV sub-stations – six
Total Transformers – 3,748

Newly established infrastructure to enhance power supply capacity:

Increased power supply capacity: 3,980 MW (Another 3,705 MW in pipeline)
Total new sub-stations – 514
New 400 KV sub-stations – five (four in pipeline)
New 220 KV sub-stations – 19
New 132 KV sub-stations – 35
New transformers – 1,724