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Haritha Haram a great success in Warangal Rural

Warangal Rural: The concerted efforts of the district administration have yield wonderful results in the implementation of the third phase of the Haritha Haram programme.

While the district’s target for this year is 1.10crore saplings, 1.12 crore saplings have already been planted, thanks to the special initiatives taken by District Collector Prashant Jeevan Patil.

In addition to this, geo-tagging of 77 per cent of the planted saplings has also been completed. Moreover, tree guards have also been purchased and arranged for the saplings from the green fund to which the district employees have contributed their one-day salary. Collector Patil said that they could collect Rs 8.5 lakh for the green fund and hoped that several other employees would also come forward to donate the one-day salary for this noble cause.  He said that teak, eucalyptus, malabar and neem plants have been supplied to the farmers to plant them in the farm bunds through the Agriculture Department. “Fruit bearing saplings have been planted on the premises of the welfare hostels and residential schools in the district,” he added.

It may be recalled here that Patil had also launched an innovative programme called Vriksha Darshan or Green Day with an aim to provide water to the saplings every Friday in which government employees of all cadre and school children were involved.

“We should thank the people for their cooperation in making Haritha Haram a great success. I also appeal to the head masters of the schools to form the green brigade with the students to protect the saplings by watering them frequently,” the collector added.