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KCR’s praise gives hope to folk artistes

Nalgonda: Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao's acclaim for 'Sharduvallu', saying they were incredible artistes on the floor of the Legislative Assembly, has made a beam of expectation in these society artistes of the administration taking measures to convey back the greatness to their work of art. 

They trusted that giving chances to them at social occasions and celebrations to display their work of art would convey acknowledgment to them among the present age. They were certain that they could effectively draw in gatherings of people with their exhibitions in the cutting edge period as well. 

The society artistes would petition Goddess Sharadamba before beginning their play, consequently they got the name of 'Sharduvallu'. In past days, these society artistes would move starting with one town then onto the next and show their fine art. Their plays would excite individuals for the duration of the night. 

Bolstered by music from customary drums called "Dimmisa", their passionate singing with articulations would convey vivacity to the account of the compensation. Portrayal of the story through singing was unique to the point that it conveyed extraordinary acknowledgment to these artistes those days. 

Bobbili Katha, Bala Nagamma, Kamboja Raju, Bali Chakravarthi, Anjani Devi and Mynavathi were a portion of the plays which entranced individuals till a couple of decades back prior. 

Some contemporary plays, for example, "Rajakarla Py Poratam" (Fight against Razakars) and the narrative of Sathashwa Reddy, featuring the battle against the barbarities of Razakars, likewise were exceptionally mainstream in the territory. 

Artistic expression loses sheen 

Society artiste Sirishala Bhasker revealed to Telangana Today that prior they appreciated acknowledgment of being incredible artistes and individuals used to view them with deference. Be that as it may, as their work of art lost sheen throughout the years, they were compelled to search for choices and quit depending on their aptitudes which could empower them gain their bread. 

"We can likewise adjust our tunes and plays to the necessities of present-day circumstances, henceforth the legislature should utilize our administrations in publicizing the welfare plans to make mindfulness in people in general", he said. 

Another society artiste Vallu Venkata Ramulu said that they were all the while inspiring chances to rehearse their work of art, yet the open doors were uncommon. A few people were all the while moving toward them for arranging plays amid extraordinary events like relational unions and different services, he said.