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Arogya Lakshmi ‘going great guns’ in Telangana

Hyderabad: The Arogya Lakshmi plot, propelled by the Telangana government in 2015 to enhance the healthful status of pregnant and lactating moms in the State, has come in for thankfulness from UNICEF on Tuesday.

The global kids' association, which explored the execution of Arogya Laksmi conspire in the vicinity of 2015 and 2017 (till August), said the recipients discover the dinners helpful, and satisfactory in amount and taste.

The UNICEF report, which was discharged amid a two-day counsel meeting on maternal sustenance in Hyderabad, said relatives and self improvement gatherings assumed a noteworthy part in inspiring moms to select themselves in the plan.

Vani Sethi, sustenance authority of UNICEF, India, stated: "Telangana has packaged different nutritious mediations and has demonstrated a path ahead for different States in the nation. The Arogya Lakshmi Scheme is going incredible firearms on the lines of the World Health Organization rules".

Arogya Lakshmi can possibly turn into a productive and savvy stage to convey amalgamated nourishment and non-sustenance intercessions laid out in the current WHO rules for a positive pregnancy result (WHO, 2016), the report said. The plan could likewise fill in as a workable instrument for distinguishing high-chance pregnancies and encouraging need referral to the following level of human services, as per the report.

UNICEF additionally proposed that the non-sustenance segment was working ineffectively at ground level and dire endeavors were important to guarantee productive merging with the wellbeing framework and functionaries.

SP Singh, Chief Secretary, stated: "Sustenance is an essential right and basic to advancement. The one full dinner plan of Telangana, Arogya Laxmi, has taken sustenance to the very doorstep of each mother in the State." He said the State assigned Rs 850 crore for nourishment while 83 for every penny of the cost of the plan was borne by the State government.