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Rs.10,000 crore investment on school education bring abysmal results to TS Govt!

The efforts of Telangana state government to provide quality education to the students studying in its schools are going under the drain despite spending a staggering Rs.10,000 crore on the school education. According to a survey conducted by the state government has revealed that only 50 percent of the students studying in primary schools are able to read Telugu and only 42 percent students are able to write in Telugu. Interestingly, only 40 percent of the total students are able to read English words and only 30 percent are able to write the English words. Similarly, 62 percent of the total students are able to do additions in Maths and only 53 percent are able to do subtractions. More, shocking revelation is that only 26 percent student are able to do divisions and only 38 percent are able to do multiplications in maths. A team led by the officials of the school education department conducted the survey in 394 primary schools, 116 upper primary schools, 401 high schools, 109 kasturba balika vidyalayas, 57 model schools, 56 gurukul schools, 116 private schools and 119 private high schools.